Service culture from the top down – We believe that true customer service is about infusing a service culture within the entire company to create an environment where you experience exceptional customer service at every level! We have created the WOW factor at Zinia by making the experience of dealing with us extraordinary. You will love dealing with us because we don’t just provide a purchase, but an experience that is welcoming, friendly and personal.
At Zinia we are passionate about customer service; for us it is about thinking differently, about being genuine and providing you with a service level way beyond your expectations.
Many companies claim to have the best service, but we let the Zinia experience speak for itself. By putting in the essential measures we can guarantee first rate service through:


Trained qualified staff – We place the right people in the right positions, empowering them to perform at their peak. Through constant training, our team is always improving.


Clear concise information – We clearly set out our intentions from the start. This allows for total transparency and holds us accountable while managing expectation throughout a client’s service experience.


Technology We strongly believe in efficiency through technology. Proactive monitoring systems, ERP systems to automate the entire business, fleet management to deploy and track technicians; we use them all with one objective, a client experience like no other!


Culture and attitude We breed a culture of accountability and passion. Zinia offers a working environment that nurtures talent and promotes excellent customer service. We drive our culture to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction; all eyes are on the business of internet.


Ratio of resources to client – Companies have lost the genuineness and personal side of customer service. This is where many businesses get service wrong, in a bid to lower the cost associated with resources, the customer becomes lost in a technology-ruled process where you are not heard, or need to repeat your communication many times before having a query resolved. The sad reality is that in most Telco’s if you are “big” business to them, you get preferential treatment.
Zinia has the highest ratio of resources to client in the industry, and all our clients are valued, no matter their size.



1. Tier-1 upstream
2. High-quality – diverse East / West resilient and scalable network.
3. Advanced metro fibre-optic transmission network.
4. Comprehensive SLA – Service Delivery & Availability, Latency & Packet Loss.
5. Single AS – single hop access to entire global internet BGP routing table.
6. Complete Africa Ring with East and West Africa protection via multiple diverse routes:
  • Resilience
  • Diversity
  • Security
  • Peace of mind
7. State-of-the-art platform – IPv6 and IPv4 enabled and supported.
8. Data Centres:
  • Teraco – Johannesburg
  • Teraco – Durban
  • Teraco – Cape Town
  • Teraco – Johannesburg
13. End to end managed Ethernet capacity.
14. 36 metro POP locations plus On-Net extensions to other locations.
15. Protected MPLS – TP LSP’s are provisioned across the Tejas core nodes.
16. Single Access – Unprotected:
  • Provides ONLY one fibre path and is unprotected by nature.
  • This fibre access is typically short in distance but of course there are risks of cuts.
  • If cut services carried over the single fibre access link would go down.
17. Dual Access – Protected:
    • Dual access links provides two diverse fibre paths and is protected by nature.
    • In the event either fibre link goes down services would remain available depending on the service the customer has selected see service types.
    • Dual access links provides two diverse fibre paths and is protected by nature.