Zinia has got Coverall Insurance’s telecoms covered

Zinia has got Coverall Insurance’s telecoms covered


Coverall Insurance is a well-established insurance company providing a comprehensive range of general and specialised niche insurance products for both the home and business environment. 

The problem

Coverall Insurance was receiving very poor support services from their existing Internet Service Provider, as well as rising costs for both Internet and voice services. The business approached Zinia to help them get a better quality of service at a more cost-effective price.   

Coverall Insurance has both a brokerage and Insurance underwriting business located in separate office blocks at the same location.  Each of the businesses required access to quality Internet and Voice services, with the underwriting business running a call centre. 

The Solution

Zinia recommended a 20 Mbps Broadband Fibre solution and a Microwave connection to join both businesses’ to the same connectivity solution.  Zinia also proposed implementing an IP PBX system, keeping the voice services for both businesses separate but over the same platform.



  • Increased speed and capacity allowing both businesses to be more efficient and productive. 
  • Lowered telephony costs through effective pricing allowed by Voice over IP.
  • Better support services compared to their previous provider. 


“Our Fibre and IP PBX installation and implementation was done very well. Zinia’s service is very good and support staff are extremely helpful.” – Zenn Vermeulen, Coverall Insurance, Administration Manager.