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  • Transform the way your telecoms and ICT solutions are delivered
  • Total accountability
  • Personal engagement at every level
  • Director-level account management

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Notable Clients

“In my sixteen years in IT, Zinia Connect is the best provider I have worked with; their delivery, quality, timeliness and client care sets them apart.” Zinia Connect is the best A team any CIO can have.” – Lenmed Group CIO, Shalin Naidoo.

Our Dedicated Enterprise Features

  • Complete management: MPLS, Internet, voice rates, PBX solutions (on premise and hosted) and IT services for companies with more complex network requirements.
  • Customised approach for each client.
  • Personal relationships with the big networks.
  • Buying power with networks – we are taken seriously and can resolve issues quickly.
  • Delivery and every detail of your project is covered, from the smallest to the biggest items.
  • Proactive communication every step of the way.
  • Dedicated account manager is in total control of every level of your project.