Zinia’s service delivery delights Filter & Hose Solutions

Zinia’s service delivery delights Filter & Hose Solutions

Filter & Hose Solutions (FHS), a member of Hudaco Industries, supplies high quality filtration solutions to various industries for a variety of applications. Industries where FHS are dominant include Clean Room (labs, hospitals, pharma and food), Automotive, Industrial, Mining, Construction and Waste Water environments.

FHS also provides expert advice on the technical abilities, maintenance and correct application of products.

The problem

 FHS were experiencing some critical challenges with their Internet Service Provider including a lack of service delivery, high pricing and their ISP not following the agreed Service Level Agreement. They turned to Zinia to provide a high quality, yet cost-effective solution that would provide them with the guarantees they required.


The Solution

Zinia recommended a 50 Mbps Premium Fibre solution to provide the service delivery FHS needed. With a dedicated 1:1 connection and a 99% uptime SLA, FHS now receives 100% of the line speed, 100% of the time. Zinia also recommended a Firewall solution to protect the company and its data from external threats such as malicious malware, ransomware and viruses. In addition, the Firewall’s executive dashboard allows FHS to manage online activity, user limits and data threshholds; give priority to business-critical traffic; manage hardware functionality to optimize performance and receive vital reports.



  • Upgraded solution with faster, better
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • SLA has been met from day one.
  • FHS raves about Zinia’s customer service levels.


“Since the Zinia solution has been installed, we have not had a minute without service. Zinia provides pure epic service. Their support is on point, every time.” – Derick Beukes, FHS, IT Systems Administrator