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Our Business Fibre Features

  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps, uncapped and unshaped.
  • Best installation and service as rated by our clients.
  • Rapid deploy options are available.
  • Proactive network monitoring platform to resolve issues quickly.
  • Annual pricing review.
  • Download and upload speeds are simultaneous, making this solution ideal for cloud, voice, video and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

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10 Mbps

Billed Monthly

1:10 Contention Ratio

Synchronous Connection

Uncapped Bandwidth

Proactive Monitoring

Microwave Scalable

20 Mbps

Billed Monthly

1:10 Contention Ratio

Synchronous Connection

Uncapped Bandwidth

Proactive Monitoring

Microwave Scalable

30 Mbps

Billed Monthly

1:10 Contention Ratio

Synchronous Connection

Uncapped Bandwidth

Proactive Monitoring

Microwave Scalable

Frequently Asked Questions about Zinia Broadband Fibre

Why should our business upgrade to Fibre?

>Fibre is the fastest and most consistent technology for data. The faster you can download web pages and files the more productive staff can be. Because it has a low latency the consistency is excellent making voice, video and connecting to cloud services quicker.


Why is doing a feasibility important?

>The reason we do a feasibility is to understand what services are available in your area; each area is different in terms of services, networks and technologies available. Once we know what is in your area, we compare services and advise you on the best options for your business.


Which networks do Zinia work with?

>We have interconnect agreements with all the major networks. In addition, we have our own fibre and wireless network, making our coverage extensive.


What happens if we are unhappy with the network provider during our contract?

>If you are having consistent performance degradation on your fibre line, we will switch you, during your contract, to another network that may suit your business better.

What is contention ratio?

Most Internet providers share the fibre line amongst a few companies to make it more cost effective and to recoup the cost of the infrastructure. With Broadband Fibre Zinia has a 1:10 contention ratio and does not share the line more than 10 times.

Are there any benefits to purchasing contended fibre?

It is more cost effective: you do not need to pay for bandwidth you will not use. For example, if your company’s average usage is ten Mbps, but from time-to-time you need 100 Mbps, why pay for that 100 Mbps when it’s not being used. By buying a contended service, it is there for your business to use in those times when you need it in bursts, but you don’t need to have it all the time.

Does this mean our line will be slow?

The typical traffic of an Internet user goes up and down in spikes. It is possible that during peak periods the line will slow down, however different businesses have different peaks and troughs at different times. We have found most customers get between 70 and 80 percent of their line speed at all times.

What is the benefit of uncontended fibre?

If your company needs 100% of the line speed 100% of the time, then Premium Fibre will be more suitable.

What do we do while we wait for fibre?

Zinia offers a rapid deploy service which is an interim solution while your company waits for fibre to be installed. Our Microwave Broadband solution is quick to deploy and provides fibre-like speeds. It does require line of sight and therefore needs a site inspection to determine suitability.

What does proactive monitoring mean?

Zinia deploys several software and hardware solutions that give us direct insight into the status of your connection. We use a powerful network monitoring system which lets us actively sustain and assess the status of your network. Aiding this is the use of routers that allow for direct contact with your server room and feedback any system/service threat before you are even aware of a situation.

Do I get the same upload and download speeds on Broadband Fibre?

Not always, it depends on the network provider. In the past the upload speed required was often less than download, however this is changing with the use of cloud services. If your business is more dependent on cloud-based services, you will need access to a fibre solution that does give you synchronous uploads and downloads.

What happens if our business outgrows the initial package selected?

As the demands of your business grows and changes, our services will scale with you whether it is fibre or Microwave. However, Microwave is only cost effective up to 100 Mbps.

Does Broadband Microwave give the same experience as fibre?

Should fibre not be available in your area, Broadband Microwave is a great alternative. It is quick to deploy and provides fibre-like experience, speed and contention. The only limitation is that it is line of sight dependent and only scalable to 100 Mbps.

What is my guarantee on Broadband Fibre or Microwave?

Broadband services aren’t guaranteed, as they are best effort.

What is the service we can expect on Broadband fibre and Microwave?

We have different SLA options depending on your business requirements and budget. The SLA will define the service you can expect including; response times, remote support, technician call outs and after-hours support.

What is Zinia’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

An FUP is put in place to control and limit abuse on broadband uncapped products. The FUP of Broadband Fibre depends on the product and provider.

What impact does FUP have on my business?

Should your data usage exceed the Fibre package purchased, your Internet could be slowed once the limit has been reached.

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Top reasons to choose Zinia


In house engine of skilled technicians, systems and tier 1 carrier-grade network. Full control and accountability.


Service culture rated highly by our clients for service excellence.


Simplicity of processes, communication and one provider for your voice, IT and Internet across all major networks.

Uncapped Bandwidth

Up to 1Gbps

Proactive Monitoring