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Advanced technology and top engineers to monitor and manage your IT.

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Maintain a maximum level of health on your IT network.

Variety of IT support options.

Monthly fee – remote or onsite support not included.

This solution includes automation, monitoring and self-healing for a low monthly fee. We will alert you if there is an incident for resolution by your IT resource, or we can quote for Zinia to provide remote or onsite support to the business.

Monthly fee with remote support by the Zinia IT team.

This solution includes remote support by our team to complement your onsite resources or 3rd party IT company giving you budget predictability. Includes automation, monitoring, self-healing and reactive incident resolution.

Fully outsourced IT service.

Get a fully outsourced service with automation, monitoring, self-healing and reactive incident resolution combined with remote and on-site support.

Access to dashboard and rebate for approved partners.

For IT teams who need direct access to ZMS for automation, monitoring, self-healing and reactive incident resolution. Outsource what you don’t have time to get done or where you need specialised skills.


We provide unlimited onsite and remote IT support at an affordable monthly fee for businesses. We maintain and support your network, software, as well as all your hardware and devices, ensuring they are properly updated and remain in warranty.
All new hardware is setup properly with files transferred and setup completed, making life effortless for your users.

Our large team provide first, second and third line support through a helpdesk manned by well-trained, experienced technicians. Our professional systems such as helpdesk software, remote monitoring and diagnostics tools, ensure your IT systems are properly supported.

By outsourcing your IT to us, we help you focus on your core business. We provide total accountability and day-to-day management of your network, firewall, PBXs and wireless network. With technology constantly evolving, we have specialists who can advise you of pertinent changes and implement them for you.

We provided monthly reports and advise you how to get the best performance, whether it’s optimising bandwidth, usage patterns or abuse of the network. We manage your telephone call records and unified communications, which can be IT intensive and require expensive resources. We are among the leading IT companies in South Africa, and would gladly assist your business with world-class IT solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few reasons that your business will need to hire IT support:

  • Your current IT team does not have the resources to manage daily IT issues
  • Your IT is constantly in break down mode
  • You are constantly having to contact IT to fix yet another problem that should have already been fixed
  • Your Internet is constantly down or performing slowly
  • Your staff complain of slow or broken devices
  • Your server is slow or keeps bombing out which means staff have problems logging in, accessing files and basically doing their work
  • You are unsure if your IT security is up to the standards governed by the PoPI Act