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Transform your business PBX with our Scalable and Hybrid NEC options

  • Perfect fit for the small to medium business
  • Scalable from analogue to digital to full IP technology
  • The most affordable solution in its space
  • 5 year warranty at no additional charge

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Our PBX NEC Features

  • Set up, control and manage users without the need to invest in specialized IT support.
  • Monitor and manage your users with effortless efficiency, and gain access to a register of dropped and abandoned calls.
  • Scalability up to 200 extensions.
  • Quick configuration for fast deployment.
  • Voice mail and auto attendant come as standard.
  • Voice recording per extension when you need it.
  • Up to 32 people in a conference call.

Top reasons to choose Zinia


In house engine of skilled technicians, systems and tier 1 carrier-grade network. Full control and accountability.


Service culture rated highly by our clients for service excellence.


Simplicity of processes, communication and one provider for your voice, IT and Internet across all major networks.