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Zinia featured as one of the innovative companies to watch

Zinia has become a company to watch in South Africa. Within 10 years, Zinia has grown into a business telecoms and ICT powerhouse. Defined as one of  the most innovative and client-centric providers in the country, Zinia has the most complete  offering of IT, Internet and Voice under one roof; companies get total accountability and  simplicity of service. Businesses rave about Zinia giving them a consistent 4.8/5 rating for  customer service excellence, making them the most-rated business provider in SA.

Since publishing the above, Zinia’s customers now rate the company 4.9/5 for customer service excellence!

“Since our inception we have on a mission to deliver the best service and experience to businesses in South Africa,” says Managing Director, Warren Bonheim. “We have built a company culture based on exceptional service, grit and a drive for success. Not only is our culture service-driven, but we have invested in technology systems and skilled in-house resources to create an operationally excellent business.”

Bonheim also contributes the company’s success to its exceptional relationships, status and awards from top networks and vendors.

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