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Zinia’s Internet solution powers Mesh Club’s growth

Zinia’s Internet solution powers Mesh Club’s growth

Zinia’s Internet solution powers Mesh Club’s growth

Mesh Club is one of the trendiest work spaces in Johannesburg and is breaking boundaries with its member’s only business and lifestyle space in the Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank. As Africa’s first curated members club for entrepreneurs to work in the day and connect, as well as socialize in the evenings, high quality Internet is critical to the business.

The problem

As a business lounge that facilitates entrepreneurs working off site, Internet speed, consistency and up-time was key to the Mesh Club’s ability to provide a top-class experience. The company had initially installed fibre but were experiencing a lot of downtime, inconsistency and an unresponsive Internet provider.

Selecting Zinia

Zinia’s experience with business lounges and ability to deliver excellent service made them an ideal choice for Mesh Club. “A great working relationship, personal service and ability to advise on the right solution for the business were the main reasons for selecting Zinia,” says Jonathon Meyer, Mesh Club’s owner. “I was 100% comfortable putting my business in their hands.”

The Zinia Challenge

When Zinia took over the Infrastructure they found that a low quality internal wireless network was put in place which was complicated by adding more and more product to solve ongoing traffic problems. What Mesh Club needed was one high quality product linked to a firewall which could manage traffic more effectively. The brain of the Internet now lies in the Zinia Firewall enabling Mesh Club to monitor traffic and manage speeds so that all users get an Internet experience they expect from a high class business lounge.

A challenge which Zinia anticipated was that they needed to understand the patterns of the lounge to enable the Firewall to balance the network traffic effectively. The user patterns changed daily, with people congregating in one corner one day and another the next. Zinia’s team persisted every day over a two week period to analyse the stats, eventually settling into a pattern that ensured optimum Internet for all, through traffic prioritisation, load balancing and failover management. “Zinia was committed, took accountability and persisted to ensure the best Internet service for our customers,” says Meyer. “Now when our customers walk in they get 250Mbps on their device and everyone’s experience is excellent – a brand promise that we uphold at Mesh Club.”


With all the construction in Rosebank, Mesh Club experienced its fibre line being cut a few times. “On the weekend Zinia rallied its technicians within a few hours installing backup mobile LTEs on site as a temporary failover, and we have now ordered the Zinia Microwave solution for redundancy. If our fibre lines are cut again the failover Microwave Internet will kick in without our users experiencing any difficulty,” says Meyer.

“Our customers now experience world-class business Internet and our business is growing and thriving – all thanks to Zinia.” – Jonathon Meyer.