Zinia gets BMI Steel Structures Telecommunications’ up and running

Zinia gets BMI Steel Structures Telecommunications’ up and running


BMI Steel Structures is a top steel framing construction company that has been in business for nearly three decades. The company has achieved great success creating and designing innovative and modern steel structures from industrial warehouses to high beam roof trusses.


The Problem

For BMI Steel Structures telecommunications is the lifeblood of their business, with their connectivity being consistently up and down over a 6 month period due to cable theft, the husband and wife team calculated that they were losing 60% of sales due to downtime of both their Internet and phone lines.

The Solution

Due to the fact that no Fibre was available in their location at Sybrand van Niekerk Park, Zinia recommended a 10 Mbps Microwave link as a permanent reliable Internet solution. BMI Steel Structures needed a stable link for email and access to internal business applications. While only 12 of the 80 staff members required regular access to the Internet, it was critical that those users were able to communicate with customers and access internal applications quickly.

“We selected Zinia because they understood our business needs, could provide better voice and Internet connectivity, and were able to provide us with excellent service levels than our previous provider,” says Karen Venter, BMI Steel Structures Administrator.




BMI Steel Structures did not want to incur additional expenses purchasing a new PBX but could not continue with the unstable voice service from their provider. Zinia came up with a way to avoid the purchase of new equipment by installing an APN (Access Point Name) via LTE connected to BMI Steel Structures existing Telkom Opticom PBX. Now their voice services are stable, always on with the added benefit of saving the company 40% of their monthly costs on their voice bill.  In addition, Zinia found that the area where BMI Steel Structures was located faced frequent lightening issues and implemented lightning surge protectors on all voice and Internet equipment.

“The Zinia installation went very smoothly, and the technicians were very professional. Our voice lines are clearer with less dropped calls and our Internet is faster than ever before. Zinia responded quickly and professionally and offered the right solution to the problems we were experiencing.” – Karen Venter, BMI Steel Structures.