Internet downtime is costing your business

Internet downtime is costing your business more than you think

How you view Internet connectivity is critical to your business because any downtime, or low internet performance, can seriously impact costs, productivity and lost revenue.

While you may think your business will never lose Millions when your technology goes down or connectivity is affected, think again. According to the Gartner Group one hour of downtime of core business applications will cost all companies, of all sizes, in all industries an average of nearly R700 000 per hour.

And small to medium sized businesses are affected too, research shows that the cost of internet downtime for a single event is around R223 000.00.

Companies need to think differently about internet connectivity. At Zinia know that internet is an enabler for business competitiveness and growth, yet businesses still look for the cheapest price which often comes with poor service levels! It shouldn’t be about how cheap internet is, but more about having the right internet product, with the right uptime and the right service levels. While it may cost you a little more monthly, in the long run you may save Millions.

Often we do not see the impact of internet downtime because it may not be immediately apparent.  What do you think it costs your business when the internet is down or it slows to a grinding halt?

Some of the implications are: 

Productivity losses of employees who cannot perform their tasks: imagine you have 10 staff who cannot do their work; this means 10 hours of lost productivity if your internet is down for one hour. And if you have 200 staff, it is 200 hours = 25 days of lost productivity.

Most businesses large or small are turning to applications hosted in the cloud, from accounting systems, marketing, business project tools and ERP systems – what happens if you can’t connect to them? Do you have a connectivity backup plan?

Non-performance of your Client Service Level Agreements. If you miss a critical deadline which is stated in your agreement with the customer, with or without penalties, how much would that cost your business?

What about the frustration of employees and angry customers who can’t place an order? Customers will log off and go somewhere else; employees will stay, but bitch and moan to everyone inside the company. What about overtime you have to pay to employees who need to catch up on lost work?

Do you think your reputation would be affected? Of course it would!

We believe that internet connectivity is one area where you cannot afford to compromise. If you team up with Zinia you will get a service level you have never experienced before with proactive monitoring:  stopping downtime in its tracks and limiting the impact to your business. In addition, we make sure you get the right connectivity product and service level to suit the unique requirements of your business.

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