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Is your business in control of your data security?

Every day over 5 million data records is lost or stolen worldwide! This World Data Privacy day, here are 4 tips every business needs.

A data loss can occur from something as simple as a power interruption or an employee who opens an email attachment from an untrusted source setting off a domino effect of data corruption. Serious threats face every business today from Ransomware, theft, attempted hacking, phishing, corporate espionage, employee data loss, and unknown threats that are still evolving.

Businesses require a multi-level approach to data security to make sure they are protected. Just having one level, for example, data backups, is only sufficient to a level. Protection needs to be provided from inception (where data is saved) to backing up data, encrypting all files, and secure transit to offsite locations for redundancy.

We asked Dean Vorster, technical director for Zinia IT what businesses need to ensure complete security of their data, here is his advice…

There are four ways to ensure full control of your data and its security…


1: Protection of the business and its critical data

  • Implement 24/7/365 Security Monitoring of core assets and access points
  • Setup cloud storage options for daily use at a user level
  • Setup cloud storage options for servers/workloads with solid backup strategies at a server level
  • Quarterly security assessments
  • Establish a minimum-security baseline and enforce these through policies and reviews


2.  Detection of threats in the business

  • Ensure daily management of patches, perimeter level mail and Anti-Virus is up to date
  • Advanced security and protection monitoring
  • Threat/Status Reporting
  • Scanning of in and outbound mails 


3. Analyse & Manage security in the business

  • Additional layers of access protection for employees logging in on mobile phones or from outside the office
  • Full data backup and encryption of data to secure and ensure compliance of offsite locations
  • Ensure alignment to regulatory requirements
  • Monthly security risk assessment reviews


4.  Recovery of data

  • Ensure a level of security to recover data in minutes not days – this is important to minimise downtime
  • Setup employee workflow controls
  • Advanced Network security management
  • Quarterly Security plan testing
  • Change management and control procedures