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We love that warm and fuzzy feeling that arises when clients tell us how we have helped their business. ProMinent is one such client. They were having issues with their out-dated copper infrastructure and also wanted to lower the cost of their voice calls. Zinia has significantly improved their speeds and downtime issues, allowing them to benefit from the best quality of service for voice, business communications and access to business critical applications sitting in their Head Office in Germany.

ProMinent Fluid Controls is a global market leader and for over 50 years has been developing and manufacturing high-performance metering technology and efficient technology for water treatment and disinfection. The local arm needed faster connectivity, a stable VPN connection to their head office in Germany and a supplier that would implement fibre quickly and provide a high quality service should they experience any connectivity issues.

As a company dedicated to the highest quality products and services to its customers, ProMinent needed high quality Internet and the guarantee of quality and uptime. We recommended a 10 Mbps Premium Fibre solution, an uncapped and unshaped dedicated 1:1 connection with a 99% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

High quality Internet
ProMinent uses its Internet and bandwidth for Voice over IP, Skype for business and accessing business critical applications sitting in Germany – the Premium solution recommended was perfect for the company’s voice, video, Skype and VPN needs.

Stable interim solution
While ProMinent waited for fibre to be trenched, our team installed an interim Microwave solution to ensure they received a fibre-like service which was faster and more stable than their current solution, thereby eliminating all connectivity issues between South Africa and Germany.

Lower voice costs
Zinia also implemented a voice gateway, lowering ProMinent’s voice costs and allowing them to keep their existing analogue PABX. Once their SIDN PRI voice gateway is paid off ProMinent’s costs will reduce by about R156 000 per year.

“We are very happy with the Zinia Fibre solution – we are achieving consistent high speeds and almost non-existent downtime. In addition, we have a direct point of contact at the Zinia call centre, instead of having to deal with Telkom, should any issues arise,” said Peter Sheasby, ProMinent’s financial manager. “We have always received a professional service from the Zinia team and our issues are dealt with immediately – having said that we rarely have connectivity issues thanks to Zinia.”

And there you have it – superb service the Zinia way!

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