The Benefits of Outsourcing your IT support

Most companies rely on IT infrastructure to run their business optimally, yet not all have access to the resources, expertise and assets needed to meet the requirements of the modern company and its customers.

Whether it’s due to a lack of available resources or budgetary constraints needed to invest in skills or IT assets, outsourcing offers many benefits that positively affect the bottom line as well as the performance of the business.

In Zinia’s experience businesses face a multitude of problems:

In an effort to save costs companies were recommended generic inferior hardware which causes constant problems; and they do not have access to the latest in office software and therefore do not benefit from the latest features.

Due to implementing free server software on old technology, their server can’t handle the business requirements, are not under warranty and require rare skills to fix.

Their internal network and IT environment has been incorrectly configured which becomes difficult to troubleshoot and maintain, and their internal network has multiple points of failure, is messy and complicated.

This underlines the case for outsourcing to an experienced IT services company.

Here are the Top Benefits when outsourcing IT:

Managing IT costs

Companies can take advantage of the latest technology and tools without the expense of investing and managing these themselves. Outsourcing also brings cost predictability enabling companies to manage their costs effectively.

With the skills crisis in IT, it is also expensive to hire and train IT staff; by outsourcing some or all of your IT support and services to an experienced provider, you get the benefit of a highly certified team at a reasonable price.

In addition, companies do not have to pay for certifications that are necessary to ensure IT staff are qualified with the latest training.

Round-the-clock IT support

With an outsourced IT service provider, companies have a dedicated team to monitor operations and provide support 24/7, eliminating problems with IT staff who are, not available, on holiday, or on sick leave.

This means faster resolution of problems, continuation of service, as well as ensuring IT security is taken care of.

An experienced team

Outsourced IT providers have experienced engineers with specialist skills to service their customers, as well as advanced technology tools to handle the most complex of problems.

Also, most companies have limited resources so outsourcing helps your team focus on the core business.

Access to latest technology and software

Many companies do not have the available budgets that bigger companies have to maintain and manage their IT, outsourcing allows those with small budgets to access the technology and expertise that blue-chip companies have at an affordable cost.

Also, solutions are always changing, and the current solutions and equipment companies are using – such as network security, monitoring, or data management – can get outdated quickly.

It can be complex, expensive and time-consuming for your IT team to keep up, so outsourcing takes this away giving companies much greater access.

Faster roll-out of new technology

Because the outsourced IT company has a team of experienced employees, they are able to roll out projects much quicker saving money and time, so it is done right from the get-go.

Higher efficiency and performance

Often companies attempt to do all IT services themselves thereby increasing the cost of service to customers. With outsourcing one can ensure that all the IT management and maintenance is done, increasing efficiency by up to 70%.

Reducing risk

Outsourcing providers have specialist knowledge and industry know-how, meaning they ensure the risks to companies around cybersecurity and privacy compliance, are reduced.


Keeping IT security up to date is a full-time job, from ensuring a company’s firewall is updated, auditing servers and workstations, patch management, networking monitoring and threat detection, all these and more have to be done regularly and properly.

An experienced outsourced provider takes care of the security, reducing the risks associated with cybersecurity and ensuring compliance up to rigorous standards.

Why choose Zinia as your Outsourcing provider?

Zinia is an established company having built trusted relationships with its clients. Their history of building enterprise-grade infrastructure and networks, means they come with a pedigree based on best-practice, quality, and expertise.

Zinia brings that expertise to the companies to ensure they benefit from the skills and methodology only the big companies have but at an affordable price.

The company’s success in business comes down to their philosophy: Building it right the first time. They put in the right IT infrastructure, recommend the right products, and implement solutions in the right way, so that IT enables, not hampers business.

The cost of ownership of having an IT person or IT team is high. Zinia has a dream team of IT professionals which allows their clients to have access to virtual CIOs, IT architects, as well as experts in Microsoft, firewalls, routers, and cabling.

Lastly, the Zinia IT helpdesk is manned by well-trained, experienced technicians and supported by high-level IT experts who adhere to best practices and tried and tested standards.

A combination of specialised training and constant exposure to the environments they promote and support, Zinia’s team is able to provide diagnosis, support, and recommendations for all areas of IT.

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