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Top Reasons to do Business with Zinia

Zinia, a leading Telecoms, and IT provider celebrates twelve years in business, a significant milestone for the company which has grown significantly from humble beginnings as a wireless internet provider.

The company, which was founded to redefine service levels and bring innovative internet solutions to companies in South Africa, now has a consolidated business internet, voice, and IT product offering, allowing it to service all client needs in-house.

From humble beginnings with four staff to today’s position as a top Telecoms and ICT provider, over eighty staff and a service culture customers rave about, Zinia is a trusted company to do business within 2021.


Top reasons to do business with Zinia

Customer satisfaction


Zinia’s customers consistently rate them highly which is no easy feat in an industry that is renowned for bad customer service. The company has achieved a #1 ranking in the Telecommunications sector on customer review platform Hellopeter and a 5 out of 5 ratings on global feedback company eKomi.

Warren Bonheim, Managing Director of Zinia explains, “We constantly ask clients to rate us because we care about their experience at every level of the company and we need to ensure that we live up to our promises.

Our service culture and methodology are very important to us; it is what drives everyone and every decision we make.”

Consolidated offering


Zinia understands the frustration of dealing with multiple providers to deliver and manage their infrastructure, from Internet connectivity, voice communications to the technology that keeps a business running effectively.

Natalie Ralphs, Group Financial Director of LiteOptec, a Zinia customer adds, “They understood our business requirements upfront and came up with a solution that worked for our business and budget, they also landed up saving us money in the way they structured and consolidated our IT services.”

Having one consolidated offering for a business network eco-system makes complete business sense. Why? Because accountability breeds response-ability! Zinia truly stands out for its transparency, technology systems, and leadership approach to drive total accountability.

“With us, there should be no excuses, just solutions,” says Bonheim. “Our systems and processes keep us accountable because we measure, manage and escalate along the entire customer journey.”

He points out that Zinia is not perfect, “like any business, there are times we fall short; we are dealing with complex issues and many moving parts. However, a 96.67% positive customer satisfaction rating is a big achievement worth celebrating.”


Benefits of consolidation


From one client service desk, access to a team of technical resources in-house, one consolidated bill, to financial discounts when a client purchases multiple offerings… consolidation means a company benefits all the way to the bank.



As the company grows from an SME business to the next level, its leaders know how to drive and manage this growth. Their management philosophy is simple: Keep it Simple.

Zinia is constantly adding to what they do in the Telecoms and ICT space where you have to innovate to drive revenues. While innovation and improvement are always top of mind, it’s taking care of the simple things that really count.

At every level of Zinia’s business, the philosophy of simplicity is evident. From creating simple tools, configurations, and sales documents that are easy to understand and sell, to making sure it happens on the back-end with easy to understand technology systems, processes, checks, and SLA’s, to constantly evaluating customer satisfaction, Zinia focuses on making it easy and simple to deal with them.

The company will never lose sight of simplicity in its service and delivery – because that is their business.

The Zinia culture


The company’s culture is vibrant, positive and teams are driven by a “can do” attitude. Leaders, managers, and employees hold themselves to a high standard because they want clients to have the best experience.

“Go the extra mile, solve the problem together and get the job done”, are phrases constantly used to describe the team at Zinia.

Even more, reasons to do business with Zinia…


  • Big enough to provide stability, yet entrepreneurial enough to be nimble
  • Consolidated Internet, voice and IT services in-house as one complete business offering
  • Advanced Network Operating Centre and Help Desk
  • Experienced, certified IT and network engineers
  • A Tier-1 carrier-grade network and access to 5 international cables
  • Data centres in JHB, KZN, and CT
  • Interconnected with all major networks
  • Carrier-grade traditional voice delivered on PRI, BRI, and SIP
  • CIO-level resources


What products does Zinia provide?


Zinia provides companies with internet connectivity, voice services, and IT solutions in a variety of industries and different size businesses.

Every business needs its technology systems to run optimally for business success. Zinia makes sure the right solution-fit is in place, delivers it professionally, and provides ongoing support through an advanced customer service desk.

The company’s clients see a multitude of business benefits including less downtime; increased staff productivity; and quicker resolution time.


Internet products and solutions


Zinia is vendor-agnostic and provides one of the best business internet products and service levels on the market. Unlike other companies, they don’t push an Internet product and try to make a client fit it. They understand the client’s needs first, then recommend the best-fit technology and solution.

Zinia also simplifies the entire process, from doing feasibility of networks in the area, project managing the installation, providing interim Internet should it be needed, and supporting clients with proactive monitoring, 24/7 customer portal, and monthly performance reporting.


Internet solutions: 

  • Standard business fibre
  • Dedicated 1:1 fibre
  • Business wireless
  • Business Microwave
  • Firewalls and security


Voice products and solutions:

  • Voice call rates for business
  • Unified Communications
  • IP PBX
  • IP Video and Videoconferencing
  • Traditional PBX
  • Hosted PBX


IT services:

  • Managed services provider for a variety of IT management and monitoring services
  • IT hardware, software, networking, and security
  • IT support
  • IT audits
  • IT architecture and design


Value-Added Services


On a final note, Zinia also provides specialized value-added services through Zinia Connect and Zinia Finance.


Zinia Connect – specialised account management


Zinia Connect was established to provide larger companies with high-level and dedicated account management.  Zinia Connect has the expertise and knowledge to understand complex IT requirements, recommend the right solutions and manage the entire project implementation to completion.

Under the helm of Carmen Hargroves who has 20 years of ICT sales and account management expertise, Zinia Connect has grown and gained the trust of many CIOs in the country.


Zinia Finance – In-house & external financing


Zinia’s financing department has established relationships with leading finance houses as well as its own in-house financing department. With competitive rates and in-depth knowledge of finance solutions, the Zinia team helps customers make telecoms and IT solutions more affordable through various rental agreements.