Why outsource some, or all, of your IT to a Managed Service Provider

A company today expects high performance and availability from their technology. As we all know business is technology and technology is business; the role of the IT leader is demanding as they are uncompromisingly expected to meet these high demands.

SME’s, mid-sized to large sized companies have many challenges with technology from increasing user demands, cost-management, lack of available skills or capacity, and the negative impact of unstable or broken technology.

Managed Service Providers are the obvious choice as these companies have invested time, budget and skills into solving the single challenge of managing and monitoring IT better. With singular focus the Managed Service Provider becomes an extension of the IT department on a permanent or ad-hoc basis.

Here are some of the top benefits of outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider:

Managing costs

The operating and capital costs associated with managing an IT environment can be high and outsourcing has proven to assist with reducing these. From reducing the cost of resources, to investment in technology, through to efficiency provided by automating certain tasks, having predictability for monthly IT management costs, and minimizing downtime, the savings are very real.

Accessing new technology solutions and skills

Because a Managed Service Provider works on multiple IT environments, they are constantly learning new technologies and building up best practices, allowing companies to be adaptive and agile. Being able to adapt is a key requirement of companies today who must remain competitive and relevant to their customers.

Supporting the IT function

The Managed Service Provider is there to support IT leaders to focus on what the business demands of them – to innovate, adopt new technologies or find new avenues for growth. If they have an experienced IT partner by their side to maintain a stable and secure IT environment, those leaders can focus on the business, not just “keeping the lights on”.

Proactive management of IT

A Managed Service Provider is managing systems proactively, ensuring that your devices, software, network and business systems are up to date, secure and working effectively. Their investment in monitoring and automation technologies also means a more effective and efficient environment for companies, which ultimately maintains productivity levels.

Enhancing security

Cybersecurity is top of mind for most CIO’s today, whether its ensuring systems are up to date, protecting company data via email Phishing and cyberattacks, to Protection of Personal Information Act compliance, Managed Service Providers have the experience and tools to help companies reduce their security risk significantly.

Skilled teams with expertise

A Managed Service Provider has a team of experts who are certified and experienced in different areas from infrastructure, software, cybersecurity, cloud computing, IT support, disaster recovery, and a range of professional services, often backed-up by world-leading vendor partnerships.

Supporting IT employees

Outsourcing does not mean discarding internal IT employees, although it can minimize the need for additional resources, they provide support when an internal team needs additional resources whether it is on a short-term or more permanent basis. For example, by assisting with tasks like back-ups, anti-virus, mobile device management, network monitoring, Managed Service Providers play a supportive role.

Variety of Managed Services Packages

Many providers have different packages depending on your requirements. Our Zinia Managed Service offering includes four packages:

  • Reactive – for access to a fully setup up monitoring and managed software service.
  • Managed – where we provide remote IT support.
  • Fully Managed – where we provide both onsite and remote support.
  • Supplemental – for IT departments who require access to the monitoring software platform as well as a specific service such as backups, antivirus, EDR, Risk intelligence, Netpath, Mail Assure, Mail archiving and Mobile device management.

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