Zinia backs Motseng Investment Holdings Group’s IT governance and future-forward digital focus

With their roots in South Africa, Motseng was founded in 1998, and is a proudly women-led organisation, with varied interests across Sub-Saharan Africa. Being a very future-forward organisation, that is digitally focussed, Motseng’s business operations are hinged on 3 basic principles: sustainability, innovation, and smart solutions. Their vision is to become the most technologically advanced and premier black-owned investment group both within Africa and globally.


The problem

Motseng has a big vision: “To become the premier black-owned investment group in Southern Africa, and to have a universal reputation for investment acumen and industry professionalism”. To support this vision and the company’s digitally focused strategy, the Group needs an IT partner that ensures the stability of its IT infrastructure, is able to transition with the business into the future with new solutions thinking, and that ensures IT governance.  Governance is key to Motseng, while they are a mid-sized business, they provide solutions to larger organisations who expect good corporate governance and professional service delivery.


The solution

Motseng initially contracted Zinia in 2015 when it was Argonaut consulting, which was later incorporated into the Zinia stable, to ensure the business IT infrastructure was stable and connected. Zinia has transitioned with the company and now provides:

  • Managed services IT support for 3 servers (on premise) and 21 workstations
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Document backup for workstations
  • Full server backups
  • Firewall
  • Support Microsoft 365 email, licensing, Teams, and SharePoint

Zinia also sits on the Motseng governance committee – runs risk reports, risk registers, and reports on IT governance to the committee.


“Zinia’s team is not far away from the business; we can call on CIO level resources to guide us on the best solutions we need. They are very involved in our business and are a valuable and integrated partner.”Ipeleng Mkhari, CEO Motseng Investment Holdings


The benefits

  • Good IT governance, as well as Cybersecurity and information security compliance preserve and strengthen stakeholder confidence.
  • Motseng’s Cybersecurity posture is secure and follows best practice governance and risk framework.
  • Efficient business processes internally and ensures service is always available and accessible.
  • Fast access to business network, applications, and IT support for in office and remote teams.


“Our growth plans are huge, with a focus on partnerships, acquisitions, and corporate contracts, we are confident, through Zinia, that we have our IT capability buttoned down, and they support us professionally around risk and governance which is important to our integrity as a trusted partner.

Whoever walks into the business, has the ability to work anywhere, within a secure environment with a reliable IT partner that takes us forward to where we need to go. The Zinia team are practical and professional, never making things difficult, allowing us the ability to do our work.” – Ipeleng Mkhari, CEO Motseng Investment Holdings

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