Zinia Supports Pro-Logistics with full-service IT Solution, ensuring uptime and service delivery

Pro-Logistics was started 25 years ago and is an international freight and logistics company providing services including customs clearing, ocean freight and plane transportation to countries around the globe, warehousing, distribution, as well as packaging and crating.


The problem

Pro-Logistics’s mission is to achieve complete customer satisfaction through its service levels and to support their customers to grow, and any downtime has a direct affect on the company’s bottom line. Due to contractual obligations Pro-Logistics could face massive penalties with the shipping lines and plane transportation companies.

With branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, unreliable internet connectivity as well as ensuring up to 60 employees had access to company applications, such as their customs clearing application and accounting system, Pro-Logistics sought an IT partner that would support them with consistent uptime and services to meet their current and future needs.


The solution

Throughout the last sixteen years Zinia has supported the business and become Pro-Logistic’s full-service outsourced IT provider. As the freight and logistics company grew so did the technology solutions that Zinia now provides:

  • Infrastructure-as-a service – Cloud server infrastructure where Zinia helped migrate, host and manage their applications in the cloud ensuring maximum availability and performance.
  • Internet and firewall – Ensure stable, secure and reliable connectivity, including their phone communications to allow instant engagement with customers, suppliers, remote employees and branches.
  • Managed Microsoft 365 – Ensure the operability, stability and cost-efficiency of their Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Managed IT support – Provide 24/7 IT support to the business including infrastructure monitoring and management, preventative maintenance, updates and patch management, helpdesk, backups and asset management.


The benefits

Costs – With a monthly fee instead of massive capital investment for infrastructure, and the resource costs of an in-house IT department, Pro-Logistics is able to manage costs effectively.

Support – Hands on IT support with excellent turnaround times to ensure employees are productive and able to do their job.

Uptime – To meet client service levels, the business works smoothly, and the risks associated with downtime is mitigated.


 “We have an excellent long-standing relationship with Zinia and trust their team; they understand our business, are reliable, provide a highly responsive support team, as well as director-level access if required. Zinia has become a big part of the Pro-Logistics family and is always willing to help us with anything we need.” – Shaylen Naidoo, Operations Manager

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